1.      Indian Polity:
  •    www.Kalyansir.Net
  •    Introduction to the Constitution of India by D D Basu
  •   Our Constitution by - Subhash Kashyap
  •   The Constitution of India by P M Bakshi

         2.      Indian Economy
ü  Indian Economy by Dutt and Sundaram/ Misra and Puri (any one book)
ü  Indian Economy (performance and Policies)  by Uma Kapila

        3.      Geography
a)      Indian Geography
ü  Old NCERT  Books from 8th to 12th class
ü  Atlas
ü  India map must be hanged before your study table

b)     Geography
ü  NCERT Books from 6th to 12th standard 
ICSE - 6th to 10th standard - Any publication
ü  World map must be hanged before your study table
  • Certificate Physical and Human  Geography by -  Goh Cheng. Leong 

  • Indian geography - Majid Hussain
c) Ecology and Environment 
       P D Sharma

        4.      History
a)      Ancient Indian History
ü  Old NCERT Books from 10th to 12th class
b)     Medieval Indian History
ü  Old NCERT Books from 10th to 12th class
c)      Modern India
ü  Old NCERT Books from 10th to 12th class
1. The Wonder That Was India - Vol - I by A L Bhasham; Vol - II by S. A Rizvi
2. Early India by Romilla Thapar
3. Advanced History of India by Majumdar, Roy Chaudhuri and Datta 
4.Modern India - Sumit Sarkar
5. India's struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra
6. India Since Independence by Bipan Chandra

World History
1. World History by C J J Hayes
2. World History by Norman Lowe
3. Themes in World History (NCERT)

         5.      Science and Technology
  • Spectrum - Science and Technology

         6.      Botany
ü  Old NCERT Books from 7th to 12th class

         7.      Zoology
ü  Old NCERT Books from 7th to 12th class

         8.      Chemistry
ü  Old NCERT Books from 7th to 12th class

          9.      Physics
ü  Old NCERT Books from 7th to 12th class

          10.  Mental Ability

           11.  Quantitative Aptitude

           12.  Current Affairs

ü  News Paper (The Hindu, Times of India, Economic Times and one significant regional news paper of your state for state news)
Note: Please pay attention towards those issues those attract the attention of the county and the World. Also make a daily notes and revise the same periodically.
ü  T V News (For 30 minutes a day, preferably in the evening)
ü  Frontline

           13.  Must Read:
ü  India Year Book
ü  Yojana
ü  Kuruksehtra

Social Issues:

1. Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja.

International Relations:

1. India's Foreign Policy - Sumit Ganguly
2. India's Foreign Policy - V P Dutt
3. Challenge and Strategy (Rethinking India's Foreign Policy) - Rajiv Sikri

Ethics (Paper IV)
Ethics in Governance (Innovations, Issues and Instrumentalities)
Edited by Ramesh K Arora

Public Administration Reference Books:

Paper I:

1.      Public Administration by Avasthi and Maheshwari
2.      New Horizons of Public Administration by Mohit Bhattacharya
3.      Administrative Thinkers by D. Ravindra Prasad, V S Prasad and P. Satyanarayana
4.      Public Administration New Issues and Perspectives by Mohit Bhattacharya
5.      Administrative Reforms by P R Dubashi
6.      Comparative Public Administration by R K Arora

Paper II:
1.      Introduction to the Constitution of India by Durga Das Basu

2.      Indian Administration by Prof. Fadia and Dr. Fadia

Geography Optional - Books

Geomorphology : Strahler and Strahler,Ttikka, Thornbury, Savindra singh.
Climatology : D.S.lal, Savindra singh, Critchfield.
Oceanography : Vattal and Sharma ,Savindra singh.
Environment and ecology : P.D.Sharma, Savindra singh, Roopa series
Evolution of geographical thought :Majid hussain, Tiwari
Economic geography: leong and Morgan.
Economic and social geography made simple : Roopa publications.
Models and theories: Majid hussain, Siddartha
Population geography: R.C. chandana
Regional geography : chand and puri,
Economic and commercial geography: C.B. Mamoria , Dutt and Sundaram
Urbanization and urban systems in India: Ramachandran.
India geography : Khullar,Sharma and coutinho, gopal singh.
Agricultural geography: Majid hussain.
Political geography: R.D.Dixit
NCERT: 6 to 12.