Paper I

1. Introduction and Syllabus

1. Social Issues - 1: Introduction to Social Issues, Women's Issues
2. Social Issues - 2: Atrocities against women, Women's Organisations
3. Social Issues - 3: Social Justice (continued in part 4)
4. Social Issues - 4: Social Justice, Protective Discrimination, Reservation for SC, ST and OBC
5. Social Issues - 5: Social Justice and Reservation. Suggestion for making reservation policy more effective.
6. Social Issues - 6: Universalization of elementary education- Success and Challenges (The glory of elementary education is the story of spectacular achievement and conspicuous failure)
7. Social Issues -7: Vocational Education, Disparities in Education, Government School for Children of Government employees (Allahabad High Court judgement in August 2015), Culture vs Civilisation, Inter Generational Gap, Nation, State, Nation-State. 
8. Social Issues - 8: India as a Multi National State, Anti Caste Movements in India, Buffalo Nationalism, Identity Politics in India, Civil Society Movements and Democracy. 
9. Social Issues - 9: Regionalism in India, Fundamentalism and Communalism
10. Social Issues - 10: Models of Secularism in India and Process of Secularisation in India. (continued in the next session no 11)
11. Social Issues - 11: Challenges to secular credentials of India, 
12. Social Issues - 12: Problems of Religious minorities in India, Interconnectivity between Religion and Science (Q: A Religion without science is blind and Science without Religion is lame)
13. Social Issues - 13: Inclusive Democracy in India (Challenges and Opportunities of 73rd and 74th Amendments), Communism, Marxism and Gandhism. 
14. Social Issues - 14: Marxism, Maoism, Naxalism, Terrorism, Insurgency, Mixed Economy, Democratic Socialism, New Farmers Movement. 


1. Geography - 1: Salient Features of World Physical Geography. North America, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, 
2. Geography - 2: Antarctica, Europe and Asia. Arab League, Islamic Terrorism. China-Physical Setting and Mineral resources.

World History:

1. World History - 1: Introduction and Industrial Revolution
2. World History - 2: Industrial Revolution
3. World History - 3: Consequences of World History and American war of Independence
4. World History - 4: French Revolution
5. World History - 5: Nationalism - Origin, causes and spread, Nationalism first in Europe, Nationalism Outside Europe, Unification Movements in Italy and Germany
6. World History - 6: Unification of Italy
7. World History - 7: German Unification, First World War
8. World History - 8: What is Communism?..Russian Revolution
9. World History - 9: New Economic Policy of Russia, Cold War, USSRs collapse, Fascism, Nazism
10. World History - 10: Second World War, United Nations Organisation